The Good Wife

My husband’s talent of building beautiful outdoor furniture could be the bridge, that takes us financially, into a secure retirement. He painstakingly builds one piece at a time. Surely, there has to be a way to increase production, even as a one man team. My constant nagging doesn’t encourage him in the least bit.

In today’s economy, too many older adults are having to nurture their talents, into a family business to make ends meet. The new future, for any family is created out of mini talents that grow into businesses, that bring in an income. This helps to bridge the gap in financial needs.

Our smart choices to secure our family furniture business may require a cheap seo company. Any good wife would like to be called the inspiration of a talented husband. It may be up to me, “The Good Wife” to suggest this instead of nagging.

Lights! Camera!

I am an aspiring model and I need to have professional photos taken for my portfolio. I learned a great deal in a short period of time, but I also wasted too much money going with the wrong photographer. Please don’t make the same mistakes I did. The photographer I chose told me that he specialized in modellenfotografie. Clearly, he did not. He arrived to the shoot one hour late and I had to wait while he set up his equipment. He gave me almost no direction and left me feeling so ill at ease that I couldn’t pose. It became very clear to me that he was as inexperienced as I was. The combination of two inexperienced people does not bode well for a good outcome. I should have done my homework and asked for references. Next time I will make a wiser decision.

Double Meaning

Working at the grocery warehouse on the night shift is hard.  I lost one of the two invoice books in my possession. My right hand was cramping so I cut some corners and quickly jotted down the order on the invoice sheet.

I rushed towards my manger Mike, thrusting the paper towards him.

“Daisy look at this!” He said

I took the invoice back and understood what he thought I was implying.

I wrote hug,smile,kiss,for,Daisy.

I added three fives and gave the paper back to him.

“You know about workplace conduct..”

I snatched the paper realizing what was wrong. I wrote the corrections 5 cases of Hug juices, 5 cases of Smile pizza, 5 cases of Hersey kisses,and 4 cases of Daisy black tea.

The embarrassing thing about this interaction was that Justine, one of my co workers, told him that I liked him earlier.

I was just trying to cut corners nothing more.

Creating privacy

While many of us expect neighbors to be able to see what we’re doing in our front gardens, when it comes to the back garden we like to have privacy. That’s why when my husband and I moved into our new house we decided having complete privacy in our back garden was more important than almost anything. After tossing around a few ideas of things to buy to prevent our neighbors peering in, we decided to go with instant hedges.

Now, before you think an instant hedge means someone comes with a huge full-length hedge and installs it in your garden, that’s not exactly what it means. What an instant hedge is, however, is a specific type of tree in a particular size that you buy and plant around your property. The trees chosen for these types of barriers grow thick and fast, giving you complete protection from any nosy neighbors.

Considering Some Cosmetic Work

I know a lot of people think that having cosmetic work done is not a good idea. But I have never really been happy about the way my stomach and thighs look, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t take the opportunity to do something that will make me feel good about myself.

Tomorrow I’m going to get a consultation. I’m a little nervous but I feel this is definitely something I want to do, so I’m not worried about having second thoughts. I just want to talk to someone professional about exactly what I want done and how the procedure will go.

Hopefully, if I can get it done this summer, I’ll soon be feeling confident enough to wear shorts and skirts again. It’s been a long time since I felt like showing off my legs. I really hope that I’ll feel good in my own skin again after getting vaser liposuction.